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Panic Podcast – 1 John, Conclusion

Today we wrap up our current series of study by discussing two important points John makes in the final verses of his first letter:  Assurance of salvation and guaranteed answers to your prayers.


Panic Podcast – 1 John, Part 10

The greatest gift God gave us our salvation. Linked to that is the unique relationship we have with God through His presence in our lives by the Holy Spirit. Because He is in us, we are full of love. That’s what we’re talking about on today’s program.


Panic Podcast, 1 John Part 8

The supreme test of whether or not you are a true believer is this: Do you love fellow believers?  Would you give your life for a member of your church?  John’s answer to that question might shock you.


Panic Podcast – 1 John, Part 7

We’re up chapter 3 in John’s first letter, which deals with spiritual family traits.



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