Panic Podcast: Christ in the Revelation, Part 6

Hey gang!  Good morning!  It’s the first podcast of the fall and the last in our brief series, Christ in the Revelation.  We’ll start a brand new series on Friday, but for now, let’s take a look at how Christ appears at the very end of the Revelation.

What does today look like where you are?  Around my neck of the woods, everything is still pretty much green, although some leaves are starting to die.

Oh well.  Fall is like a metaphor for life, isn’t it?  Enough of philosophizing…let’s get into the Word.  As always, I pray God will open your eyes to His exciting – and life changing – Word.  God bless you as we study the end of the Revelation together.


Panic Podcast: Christ in the Revelation, Part 5

Good morning, everybody! Welcome to our “last-day-of-summer” podcast. Today I want to look at Christ as He is portrayed as “the warrior Messiah” in Revelation chapter 19 and 20. It’s an exciting study, to before you listen, please read those two chapters. May the Lord bless you as we study His Word together.



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Video Sermon: 20 September

Top of the morning to you all, saints and sinners, welcome to our video sermon for today, the last Sunday of summer. It’s been one for the books, but mercifully it’s over. Here’s hoping Summer 2021 will be mask free and fear free and we can all take our vacations around the world like we did back in the good old days. Fingers crossed!

Click HERE to enjoy the video sermon and our prayer is that God will speak to you through it.

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Thanks for dropping by my place today. May the Lord bless you greatly.

Panic Podcast: Christ in the Revelation, Part 4

It’s the end of the last full week of the summer. Was there ever a more depressing sentence ever written?  Hopefully today’s podcast will dispel that seasonal depression. We’ll be studying Christ as both Lamb and Lion this morning, and watch out for the flying scroll!  It’s a morning of strange visions, so drink that coffee and crack open that Bible to Revelation 4.


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