Panic Podcast: Interesting Women in the Bible – Sarah, Part 2

On today’s podcast, we’re concluding our look at a most remarkable woman, Sarah.


Panic Podcast: Interesting Women in the Bible – Sarah, Part 1

Over the past few weeks, we looked at faith and doubt in the life of Abraham.  On today’s podcast, I want to begin a new series in which I’ll look at some very interesting women in the Bible, starting with Abraham’s wife, Sarah.  I think she was just amazing in so many ways, and I’m sure Abraham didn’t appreciate her as much as he should have.  That’s just my opinion, of course.  But I think you’ll be blessed by our look at a most interesting woman – Sarah.


Panic Podcast: The Everything Bible Study, Part 10

I wanted to take a look at John’s Gospel by itself – that is, apart from the first three Gospels – because it’s in a class by itself.  A large chunk of John is devoted the last week of Jesus’ life, whereas the Synoptics present the life of Jesus in more-or-less biographical form, if not completely chronological in order.  At any rate, you’ll  notice there are two audio files today.  That’s because the podcast is split into two parts.  Why, you ask?  For that answer, you’ll have to listen…  We are also covering the first letter John wrote, appropriately called, 1 John.



Video Sermon: I’m Glad You Asked, Part 3

Happy Mother’s Day to all the “birthing persons” stopping by.  Today’s VIDEO SERMON is from Genesis 6 and is all about giants and supernatural beings messing around with “earth women.”  No kidding!  Click right here to watch and learn what a lot of Bible readers don’t know.

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