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Panic Podcast: The Everything Podcast, Part 19

The Book of Acts is, in my opinion, the most exciting book of the Bible, and that’s what we’ll be talking about on today’s podcast.


Video Sermon: Peter’s Big Blunder

Here is today’s VIDEO SERMON.  It may be late, but its message is timely. It concerns Peter’s blunder.  If you think that blunder was his denials of Jesus, you only know part of the story.  Click to find out the whole story.

Panic Podcast: Joseph the Ruler

Good morning. We reached a milestone here with this, the 1500th post at my place.  Today, we’ll see how providence was working in Joseph’s life, moving him from a prison cell to the governor’s mansion.


Panic Podcast: Esther

Good morning, everybody. During the podcast today, I mention the view I enjoy as I’m writing and doing the podcast.  This is it.

I wanted to finish our survey of the Book of Esther today because its main theme is one that I find especially interesting: God’s providence.


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