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Panic Podcast: 7 Things God Expects From Christians, Part 7

Happy Monday, fellow saints of God! On today’s podcast, we’ll be studying John’s second letter, one he wrote to the “chosen lady.” God bless you as we study together.


Video Sermon: 9 August

Good morning, fellow servants of God! It’s another beautiful summer Lord’s Day and today we’ll be taking a fresh look at three guys on fire for God. CLICK HERE for today’s video sermon offering.

Speaking of offerings, if you’re a member of our church, do feel free to make yours on our SECURE GIVING PAGE.

God bless you all as we study the Word together.

Panic Podcast: 7 Things God Expects From Christians, Part 6

Good Friday morning! We made it through another week relatively unscathed, and we’re ready to study the Bible. We’re in the Book of Joshua today, so open your Bible and we’ll get started.



Here’s a picture of the phone I reference at the beginning of the podcast, the Unihertz Titan. It’s available on Amazon.


Panic Podcast: Psalm 119, Part 19

Good morning! It’s the Wednesday edition of the Panic Podcast, and you know what that means…it’s time for another peak into Psalm 119. We’re studying the 19th section, which begins at verse 145. May the Lord bless us as we study His Word together.

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