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Panic Podcast: The Story of the New Testament, Part 3

Much of the New Testament is taken up with a series of letters written by the apostle Paul to various churches, many of which he founded during his three missionary journeys.  We’ll take a quick look at a few of those letters and discuss some of the reasons why he wrote them and why those letters are so important and timely today.


Panic Podcast: The Story of the New Testament, Part 2

In today’s study, we breeze through the Book of Acts and talk about the coming of the Holy Spirit and the subsequent explosion of missionary activity, courtesy of two things:  Persecution in Jerusalem, which forced the new believers out of town, taking the Gospel message with them; and the tireless work of a one-time persecutor of the Church, Saul, who became Paul, the greatest church-planter in the history of church-planting.


Panic Podcast: Daniel, Prophet of the Future, Part 7

Here’s what I woke to this morning:

And that’s why the podcast is late.  I was stuck up on our hill until the plow came by.  Yes, this is all the snow it takes to shut down my town in southwest Virginia.

In today’s study, we’ll be looking at Daniel 6, the story of our man Daniel and his night with the lions.  It’s a fascinating story, full of powerful applications for your life today.


Panic Podcast: 17 January

Good Lord’s Day morning!   I hope you all had as good a week as I.  Today, I’d like to take you back to a signature event in the life of Abram. Click HERE to watch today’s video sermon.

And if you’d like to give to the ministry of our church, go to our SECURE GIVING PAGE.

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Another great day!

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