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Panic Podcast: The Everything Bible Study, Part 18

It’s a brand new week and I’m sure glad you’re starting it with me.  Studying the Bible is the best way to start your day, and your week!

Today, I want to look at two incredible books of Hebrew history – Ezra and Nehemiah.  These were two great men of God who are largely unknown to Christians, which is unfortunate because their accomplishments were truly extraordinary.


Video Sermon: The Biggest Blunders in the Bible, Part 5

As we know, God is no respecter of persons. And neither am I. So on today’s video sermon, we’ll look at how one woman’s big mouth got her and her brother in hot water with God. Click HERE for all the details!

Have a great summer Sunday, and as always, we pray God will bless you as we study His Word together.

Panic Podcast: Joseph, Part 4

When last we left young Joseph, he had landed an enviable position of authority and responsibility in Potiphar’s house. All was going his way until his boss’ wife started making eyes as him. You know this temptation must have been great for young Joseph. Let’s see how he beat it.


Panic Podcast: Joseph, Part 3

Judah and Joseph were brothers, but they couldn’t have been more different. Today, we’ll be looking at how different they were and how God was working in Joseph’s life and blessing him to such an extent that his pagan boss and his family were blessed, too!  Yes, how you live your life makes a difference in other people’s lives.


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