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Panic Podcast: Faith and Doubt, Part 11

Just how committed are you to God?  Are you as committed as Abraham was?  How far would you go to live in obedience to God’s will?  Genesis 22 tells us a lot about the kind of faith Abraham had, and shows us what radical obedience looks like.


Panic Podcast: The Everything Bible Study, Part 6

It’s a good day to finish our study of Romans and make a quick study of Galatians, don’t you think?  Let’s get cracking!


Video Sermon: 11 April

Good morning!  Here is today’s VIDEO SERMON.  May the Lord bless you as we study His Word.

Panic Podcast: Faith and Doubt, Part 10

What do you think the worst way to die is?  In Genesis 19, we read of a horrible way to die.  In that chapter, the twin cities of evil are utterly wiped out when God reigned down upon them fire and flaming tar from heaven.  That sounds pretty bad, but I think Lot’s wife’s death was even worse than being burned alive.  We’ll talk about her and other things in Genesis 19.


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