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Video Sermon – 8 Steps to Happiness…Guaranteed! 3rd Step

It’s a snowy, icy Sunday here in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. A good day to stay in and learn all about weakness, the third step towards being the happy person Jesus wants you to be.


God bless you as we takes the 8 steps together, becoming truly happy people of God.

Video Sermon – 8 Steps to Happiness…Guaranteed! 2nd Step

Can a sorrowful person be a happy person?  Jesus seems to think so. Do you know what Godly sorrowlooks like?  Are you that. Kind of person?  Let’s find out. CLICK HERE to discover what Biblical sorrow is all about.

Video Sermon – 8 Steps to Happiness…Guaranteed! Step One: Humility

Happy New Year, everybody!  For this first video sermon of 2022, I’m beginning a new series dealing with a very serious subject: Happiness.  Plenty of folks don’t seem to be too happy these days, and to be honest, an unhappy Christian is a terrible witness for Christ because He has told us how to be happy in the Word.

Is your curiosity piqued?   CLICK HERE to discover how you can be happy. Guaranteed!  But be warned…Christ’s way to happiness may not be the way you want to take!

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