The Blizzard of ’09

This global warming is killing me.  It’s hard to believe, but on Friday, December 18, Wise County, Virginia received an astonishing 2+ feet of snow!   Yes, over 30 inches of snow fell on my house.  All at the same time.  Here it is, Wednesday, December 23 and we still  have no power or water.   Can you imagine?

It’s great to be a “southerner!”

I’ll post my follow-up to the last post I made before the end of the week, Lord willing.

Here is what the “south” looks like these days.

And I take my hat off to my amazing wife, who has been cooking the most amazing meals since the blizzard hit!  Nothing can slow her down…here is a picture of a meat pie she made on the grill!  On the grill!  And it was perfect in every way.

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Another great day!

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