The Christmas Spirit

You have to love Christmas!  It’s the “feel good” time of the year.  Over the next few weeks,  I’ll put up clips and trailers of a few of the Christmas movies we watch at Mike’s Place every year.  Maybe you’ve seen some of these, maybe not.  A lot of them are old but timeless.  All of them are guaranteed to put you in the “Christmas spirit.”

1.  Christmas In Connecticut, 1945

What a classic this is!  All the great Warner Brothers contract players are in it, including Dennis Morgan and Barbara Stanwyck, but I think the great Sidney Greenstreet, cast against type, steals the show.  This movie is just a lot of fun.

2.  Scrooge, 1951

This is the classic version of A Christmas Carol, which all subsequent versions have tried to copy.  There is no Scrooge like Alistair Sim; what a tour de force performance.  Sim effortlessly makes us laugh and cry and at the same time paints Scrooge as both a sympathetic, lost sinner and disreputable, hateful human being, often in the same scene.  Beware, though:  there are three versions of this movie floating around, but only one looks right.  VCI has included all three in a two-disc package.  Forget the colorized version; it’s truly awful to look at.  The “widescreen” version looks terrible, too.  In stretching the frame out to fit our 16:9 TV’s, the tops and bottoms of each frame have been chopped off.   The original aspect (4:3) version is the one to watch, and both the picture and soundtrack have been cleaned up so well that Scrooge looks just as good today as it did when it was first released.

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