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I stumbled across this very insightful article by J.E. Dyer called Replacing God.  In it, she correctly surmises that Western society has gradually replaced God as the Source of all good with government.  Please click on the link and read the entire piece; it is well worth your time.  Here are a couple of brief snippets:

Barack Obama is the quintessential product of modern Western culture: credentialed, polished, connected, and inculcated with a belief in government solutions for everything. He came to the job of president as exactly what our culture has demanded that our leaders be. In electing him in 2008, Americans were not just electing a man, they were endorsing an idea.

It’s this idea that now crouches before us, bankrupt, menacing, and out of control. Almost everyone in the West, and many in the developing world, has bought into some elements of the idea. What it boils down to is a hubristic notion that we have the knowledge and wisdom to organize our fellow men for a collective “good” that we define. Ancient emperors of the pagan world used to operate on this principle; the divine-right monarchs of Europe did so, as have Marxist revolutionaries, fascists, and autocratic rulers in the Islamic world.

Other peoples have paid the price of government-worship more visibly and summarily than we have. But the monstrous debt staring down the world’s advanced nations is part of the price we are paying, and it is an inevitable result of our decision to give over so much of our lives to secular, material collectivism. Collectivist schemes produce only debt, resentment, discouragement, and want because they put humans and human ideas in the place of God.

God can use us to create jobs, but we cannot use each other for that purpose. God can use us to rescue our fellow men from distress and despair, but we cannot use each other to do that. God can redress injustice when it is done to us; sometimes He even prevents it before it happens. But we cannot order and control each other to avert all possible forms of injustice. Nor do we exert any control over earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, the energy of the sun, the orbit of the moon, the path of the Milky Way through the cosmos, or the development of living species on earth. Indeed, what we understand about these phenomena is still far outstripped by what we cannot even usefully observe or identify.

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