Lately at NortonPC, we’ve been talking a lot about “witnessing” and the sharing of our faith.  It’s amazing to me how otherwise mature and wonderful believers can be so unaware of just how to go about doing that.  I am convinced that the Church of Jesus Christ is full of two groups of Christians.  The first group is made up of Christians who are so because they made a confession of Christ at some point in their past, but they don’t really work for the Lord.  Their faith is convenient.  They are good people and they come to church and church events when it’s convenient for them to do so.  They are not particularly interested in “working for the Lord” in terms of personal evangelism.  That’s far too…..provincial for them.  The other group is made up of people on fire for Christ.  They love the Lord and want to work for Him but don’t know how or where to start.  This web-only series will, I hope, help those in the second group to get up and get working for the Lord.

Why you should work for the Lord

What we’re dealing with here is “personal evangelism.”  It’s sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the personal level, person-to-person, face-to-face.  In terms of working for the Lord, this is the simplest way to do that.  And, believe it or not, personal evangelism is the most effective way to win the lost to Christ; it’s far more effective than preaching a sermon.

Peter was brought to Jesus by the personal evangelism of his brother Andrew.  Andrew found Christ, then went to his brother Peter and told him all about Jesus and led him to the Lord personally.  We don’t know if Andrew ever preached a sermon, but Peter did, and had it not been for Andrew’s personal evangelism, the thousands converted by Peter’s sermons would have never come to the Lord.  Andrew did a good days work the day he brought Peter to Jesus.

When members of any local church realize their responsibility and privilege in working for the Lord, and when each member becomes a worker for the Lord, full of and empowered by the Holy Spirit, great things will happen in that church.  Working for the Lord may not get you noticed by people, but God notices.

Working for the Lord has some definite advantages.  Among them:

(1)  Any Christian can do it.  Young or old.  Male or female.  Any born again individual can be a worker for God.  Not every Christian can become a preacher, but every one can engage in effective personal evangelism.  A homemaker can work for the Lord.  The professional person can become a personal evangelist.  Kids in school can be great workers for the Lord.  All it takes it a little imagination, devotion to God, and a concern for sinners.  Remember, personal evangelism is the duty of every believer because every believer can do it.  Every believer can do it because they don’t do it alone.  When we work for the Lord, behind us are all the saints who have walked where we are walking.  Empowering and inspiring us is the Holy Spirit.  How can we fail?

(2)  You can do it anywhere.  Most of the time, a preacher can only preach in a church.  But you can share Jesus anywhere; you don’t need a pulpit and stain glass windows!  If sharing Jesus with the lost is important to you, you will find opportunities everywhere; at work, at the grocery store, at the department store, in a restaurant, or in people’s homes.   Wherever people gather, even on the street, is where you can work for the Lord.  All you have to do is keep your eyes open and make personal evangelism a priority.

(3)  You can do it any time.  Our Sunday services are set.  We know what time church starts.  But you can’t go to church seven days a week!  Nobody can listen to 30 sermons a month!  But you, a worker for the Lord–a personal evangelist–can share Jesus any time of the night or day.  The lost are all around us.  You don’t have to work at finding a sinner to witness to.  Open your eyes and your heart; see the need and meet that need with the Gospel.

(4)  You can talk to anybody.  Lots of sinners will never come to church.  Why would they want to?  They’re sinners!  But you, a personal worker for God, can reach them with the Gospel right where they are.  At work, in the hospital, in the room of a bedridden person, you are able to take the Good News any place and give it to any body.  Who wouldn’t want to know how much God loves them?   Who isn’t in search of answers to life’s questions?  Who doesn’t want to go to heaven?  You can give the sinner exactly what they need, where they are.

(5)  You know the lost better than any preacher.  Preaching is broad and general; personal evangelism is, well, personal and direct.  When you share Jesus with somebody face-to-face, unlike preaching, you don’t have to talk in generalities.  The sinner can’t help but hear your words; they can ask you questions; you can interact with them in a way that never happens in church. Most preaching is directed at Christians, not non-Christians.  Only you can tailor your words in a way they will make sense to the person you are witnessing to.

(6)  You will always get results, one way or another.  When the preacher finishes his sermon, he never really knows if it has hit the mark or not.  On the way out of church, everybody “loved” his sermon; but did they really hear it?  Can anybody really hear a sermon when their eyes are all glazed over?  But when you, the personal worker, sits down with a sinner, and you talk to them face-to-face, you can tell immediately if they are listening.  You will always get a result when you share Jesus with the lost:  they will respond favorably and ask Jesus into their heart or they will simply walk away.  Either way, you will know whether or not a new citizen has been added to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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