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Panic Podcast – Why the Spirit Camr

In honor of Pentecost Sunday, yesterday, I wanted to do a short study as to why the Holy Spirit was given.


Panic Podcast – The Gift of Administration

Happy Friday, Bible scholars!  The weekend is almost here, so hang in there.

On today’s program, I discuss the powerful spiritual gift of administration,  or leadership. It goes by different names, but it’s a vital gift.


Panic Podcast – The Gift of Performing Miracles

Do miracles still happen today?  Does God supernaturally intervene in our lives to do wondrous things?  I argue YES, He certainly does!


Panic Podcast – The Holy Spirit, Part 4

What does it mean to “be filled” with the Spirit?  Are you?  Can you tell?  These are some of he things we will be talking about today.



And this is my early birthday present from my wife. A reproduction of the original Maltese Falcon statue , as seen in the 1941 move starring Humphrey Bogart.

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Another great day!

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