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Panic Podcast: Daniel, Prophet of the Future, Part 6

Good morning, friends and neighbors!  Welcome to today’s podcast, in which we will take a closer look at the night Babylon fell.  Turn to Daniel, chapter 5 as we learn about “the handwriting on the wall.”


Panic Podcast: The Story of the Old Testament, Part 6

Good morning, folks!  Thanks for stopping by today to study the Bible with me.  Lord knows, we need it, don’t we?  In a world falling apart,  God’s Word will hold us together.  We will be looking a some of the prophets today.  Their writings make up a large chunk of the Old Testament, so it’s important to know what they wrote about.  May the Lord bless you as we look to His Word.


Panic Podcast: The Story of the Old Testament, Part 5

Good morning!  Here’s hoping you’re having a great week in the Lord so far.  In today’s podcast, I want to look at what we call “Wisdom Literature” in the Bible.  We’ll be spending some time in Proverbs, a book full of wisdom, so open up those Bibles and let’s get started.

Don’t forget to leave any prayer requests you may have in the comments section below.  Our prayer team at church is always ready to pray for you.  God bless you as we look to the Word.


Panic Podcast: Daniel, Prophet of the Future, Part 5

Top o’the morning to you all, and welcome here to my place.  After a week off, we’re settling back into our routine here.  We’re up to the fifth part in our in-depth study of the Book of Daniel, so grab your coffee and your Bible, get comfortable, and let’s get started.  As always, it’s our prayer that God will bless you as we study His Word together.  And, don’t forget, we have a prayer team at the church that is ready to pray for your needs, whatever they may be.  Feel free to contact us by email or leave a prayer request in the comments section and I know our prayer warriors will storm heaven on your behalf.


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