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Panic Podcast: The Everything Bible Study, Part 1

Good Monday!  I’m sorry to tell you that as you are reading this, my wife and I are enjoying a brilliant sunrise, warm temperatures, and the sound of the surf.

Have you ever wanted to know everything about every book of the Bible?  How about knowing where all Biblical doctrines are located?  Over the coming months, you will!   The Everything Bible Study will give you all the vital information and statistics you need to talk about any and every book of the Bible in an intelligent and informed way.  Today, we start with (1) a foundational doctrine, and (2) two of Paul’s letters.  Enjoy and God bless you.


Panic Podcast: Doubt and Faith, Part 2

Welcome to Friday!  It’s time to turn to Genesis 13 and we look at huge mistake Abram made, which led to another huge mistake.  Has that ever happened to you?  God bless you as learn some valuable lessons that, hopefully, will result in better lives.


Panic Podcast: Doubt and Faith, Part 1

Top o’the morning to all you saints of God.  I’ve been studying about faith and doubt lately, especially in the lives of different men and women in the Bible.  Abram, later known as Abraham, is a good example of man of faith, and a man of doubt.  He did some amazing things based on God’s promises, and he also did some monumentally stupid things because he did what he thought was right at the time as opposed to sticking with God’s plan.  Does that sound like you?  So, let’s take a look at a few incidents in the life of this great man and see if we can learn some lessons to make our journey of faith make a little more sense.  We’re starting off in Genesis 12.


Panic Podcast: Daniel, Prophet of the Future, Part 12

G’day gang!  Welcome to another podcast.  Contrary to rumor, this is the second-last study in our ongoing series of study in the Book of Daniel.  That’s because I got a bit carried way talking about prayer…which happens from time to time with me.  Prayer is such a powerful offensive and defensive weapon that many of us just take for granted.  So, with that thought in the backs of our minds, lets turn to Daniel 10 and get started.

Thanks for listening, and don’t forget, we: (1) covet YOUR prayers.  Like all churches in America, ours is facing issues we never thought we’d have to face.  In the face of ongoing state mandates and a state that is becoming increasingly hostile to the work of the Church, we would appreciate your prayer support! (2) As you pray for us, we’d love to return the favor!  If you have a need, do let us know in the comments section below.  Our prayer warriors in church are “kneeling by,” always ready to take heaven by storm on your behalf.


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