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Panic Podcast – Creation in the Whole Bible, 1

Welcome back to the first Panic Podcast in a week.  We took the week off last week to enjoy some tropical weather, but alas and alack, all good things come to an end, so here I am, cold feet and all, back in my professional podcasters studio.

Today, I’m beginning a brand new series that will consider the Creation Story as it may be read in many books of the Bible, in addition to the Book of Genesis.


Panic Podcast – Trilogy of Praise

Hey gang!  Today, we continue our look at Great Hymns of the Bible with a study of Psalms 46, 47, and 48.

Panic Podcast: Interesting Women in the Bible – Rahab, Part 2


Welcome to the end-of-the-week edition of our podcast.  Today, I’ll conclude our look at the faith-filled life of Rahab, as well as our Lord’s genealogy according to Matthew.  I think you’ll find today’s show interesting.

It’s also Memorial Day weekend, so we wish all of you a happy weekend and do remember why we celebrate Memorial Day!  It’s more than just a long weekend!


Panic Podcast: Interesting Women in the Bible – Rahab

Can God use a prostitute to accomplish His will for His people?  Apparently He can, and He did!  Today, we begin a two-part study of Rahab, a prostitute who made it possible for Joshua and Israel to take possession of Canaan.

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