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Video Sermon: 25 October

Well, this will come as either good news or bad news:  Christmas is just two month away!  What do you think?  Will the diminutive Dr Fauci want to cancel Christmas this year?  My money is on yes, he will. Which means nothing to me since I gave up on his quackery back in April.

Today’s video sermon is about being happy. A few podcasts ago, I made the comment that God wants His people to be happy people and more than a few listeners wondered about that. It’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth!  God really does want you to be a happy person. If you’re still doubt, click HERE and you’ll be convinced.

And if you would like to give to our church, just use our virtual offering plate.

God bless, and smile!  It looks good on you.

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Another great day!

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