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Sunday Sermon Video – What Is True Religion?

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for another Sunday Sermon. Next in our current series featuring the Minor Prophets is Micah. Among other things in his book he tells us how a true believer in God lives. It’s a little surprising.


Sunday Sermon Video – Grace Greater Than Our Sin

Our Summer Sermon Series, Modern Messages From the Minor Prophets, continues with the Book of Hosea. There’s a lot to like about this book and it covers it all, from love to redemption to restoration. Click below to learn just how powerful God’s grace is.





Sunday Video Sermon – Privilege and Responsibility

In our summer sermon series, Modern Messages From the Minor Prophets, we are exploring the timeless messages these men preached thousands of years ago. Today, we turn to busy man whom God called to deliver stern messages about the privileges of being blessed by God and the responsibilities that follow.


Sunday Video Sermon – Prophets, Yesterday and Today

Summer Sermon Series

Major Messages From Minor Prophets 

Sermon: Prophets, Yesterday and Today


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