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Sunday Sermon Video – God’s Spirit Makes All the Difference

Today, we are in the Old Testament book of Zechariah. The prophet Zechariah was on the scene at the same as Habakkuk , and together these two men had a daunting task: Cheer up and encourage the repatriated Jews as they set about rebuilding and restoring Jerusalem and the Temple. Zechariah’s messages of faithfulness and hope are powerfully relevant to us today.


Sunday Sermon Video – Take Your Doubts to the Lord

For today’s sermon, we go back to the days of Habakkuk. What he wrote thousands of years ago is more relevant today than ever. Click away to watch.


Sunday Sermon Video – God Always Deals With Sin

Our Summer Sermon Series, Modern Messages From the Minor Prophets,  comes from the Book of Zephaniah today. It’s a short book with an important message for us today: Nobody is getting away with sin. It might look like it, but one way or another, God always deals with sin and the sinner. Click below.


Sunday Video Sermon – Privilege and Responsibility

In our summer sermon series, Modern Messages From the Minor Prophets, we are exploring the timeless messages these men preached thousands of years ago. Today, we turn to busy man whom God called to deliver stern messages about the privileges of being blessed by God and the responsibilities that follow.


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