What’s Mike watching this summer?

We’re getting ready to head out of town for a week; flying to Oregon where I expect to be rained on every day I am there. So for the next couple of weeks, new posts will be infrequent. During the summer months, in fact, things slow down a bit at Mike’s Place; I get a chance to work on some other projects and even watch a little TV. As everybody who knows me knows, we don’t have cable or satellite at Mike’s Place. But we do watch TV, thanks to Instant Netflix, internet TV and Roku, which is the most amazing gadget ever made. If you don’t know about Roku, check it out. How commercial TV can compete with it is beyond me. Anyway…thanks to DVD’s, I can watch shows commercial free, one after the other, the way God intended TV to be watched. Here are few new DVD’s I am hoping to watch this summer during my free time:

You may not remember Tales of the Gold Monkey, but it ran on ABC for a single season back in 1982. This was one fun show. From the packaging:

In a backwater corner of the South Pacific a young American adventurer and his ragtag group of friends become involved in death defying hi-jinx, transporting people-on-the-run in a well-worn Grumman Goose seaplane. Set in 1938, this series captures the ambiance and character of a mysterious romantic era. Broadcast by ABC in 1982, this series became a massive hit following the success of Indiana Jones’s Raiders of the Lost Ark. Fabulous Films proudly present the complete series for your entertainment pleasure, here finally on DVD! Stephen Collins, Jeff MacKay, Caitlin O’Heany, and Roddy McDowell star. 20 episodes plus a 2 hour movie for $30.00.

Ah, the good old days when cops were clean cut and well-respected. The show ran for 7 seasons in the early 1970’s and was actually spun off from Jack Webb’s awesome “Dragnet” show. I love Adam 12. It’s amazing how much story can be packed into a 30 minute format! That’s something you don’t see any more.

Martin Milner and Kent McCord star as officers Reid and Malloy on patrol on the streets of L.A. You won’t recognize California, by the way. The streets are clean and orderly and even the punks and gangsters have a modicum of decency.

Adam 12, each season has 26 episodes and will set you back $30.00 or less.

What an amazing show The Invaders is! Classic science fiction from Quinn Martin, the man who brought us The Fugitive. Roy Thinnes plays architect David Vincent, who is running all over America trying to get people to believe that the invasion has already begun and that there are aliens (with a gimpy little finger) living among us. Talk about paranoia! Along the way, Vincent is joined by all kinds of old timey TV stars, like Ed Asner, Suzanne Pleshette, Ed Begley, Sr. and others.

The Invaders ran for a season and a half starting in 1967, and the remastered DVD’s probably make the show look better than it did during its first run.

Finally, the last season of 24. What a ride it has been. Jack Bauer is a true American hero who is not afraid to stand up crooks, terrorists, and politicians. I don’t think the DVD’s are out yet, but you can buy the series ($1.99 per episode) over at Amazon Unbox in standard format or blu-ray. Amazon Unbox is a great way to watch movies and TV shows, check it out.

I have enjoyed 24 over the years; some seasons have been better than others but a bad season of 24 is better than a good season of most other shows. I have not seen any episodes, so don’t e-mail me with spoilers!

Well, that’s some of what’s on Mike’s TV this summer.

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