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Panic Podcast: The Purpose of Advent, Part 4

Here is the final study in the four-fold purpose of Advent.  As we approach the fourth Sunday of Advent, I pray that your hearts are ready to receive great blessings from the Lord.  It’s been a rough year for some of you, and I believe that as you have remained faithful to Him, so He will honor that faith by blessing you with wonderful, spiritual blessings at this time of year.


Video Sermon: 13 December

Good morning!  It’s the Third Sunday of Advent already and today I wanted to look at this idea the Bible puts forward that Jesus is our great High Priest. What do you think that means?  Well, it means a lot of things, to be honest, and I touch on a few of them in today’s VIDEO SERMON.  Just click on the link to watch

God bless you as we study His Word together. May it’s eternal truths lodge in your hearts and bring you closer to Him.

Panic Podcast: The Purpose of Advent, Part 3

Good morning!  I’m back from the beach and resuming my normal schedule, so here is the third aspect of the purpose of Advent:  Jesus Came to Reveal the Father.  I hope this study in particular touches your heart and gives you a sense of urgency in reaching the lost, especially at this time of year.  God bless you as we study His amazing Word together.



And don’t forget, if you feel generous during this season of generosity, feel free to click HERE to make a donation to our church.  Like most churches, 2020 has proven to be a challenging year in terms of our finances, so if the Lord moves you, click on our virtual offering plate.  It’s painless, safe, and your gift is tax deductible.

Video Sermon: First Sunday of Advent

Good morning all!  I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving. In spite if the weirdness of 2020, we have plenty to be thankful for, and now more than ever we need to be living with that perspective even as we look forward to the Christmas season, the season of hope.

Here’s your video sermon for today. God bless you all as we study the Word together on this first Sunday of Advent.

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