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Sunday Sermon Video: Good News of Great Joy

Can you believe next Sunday is Christmas? It seems like it was just Thanksgiving! I don’t know about you, but I could sure use a little Christmas this year. The world is changing. Our country is getting more and more secular, and these days just mentioning the Name of our Savior can get you hot water with the woke weirdos. But as for me, I’m not woke; I’m awake to the reality that over two thousand years ago, God sent His Son as Savior of the world. That makes me happy, and I hope it does you, too. But if it doesn’t, or if you know folks who struggle with joy this time of year, this message is for you. 


Sunday Sermon Video – What Is a Born Again Christian?

A brand news sermon series begins today: The Good News of God’s Glorious Offer, and in this first message I wanted to give the definitive answer to a most important question. Click below to watch.


Sunday Sermon Video – The Church as the Body of Christ

Moving along in our series The Nature and Mission of the Church, we come to one of the most profound descriptions of the nature of the Church: It is the Body of Christ. Most of us don’t fully grasp the implications of that statement, and that’s what I’m tackling on today’s Sunday Sermon Video. Click below to watch.


Sunday Sermon Video – Stewardship of the Body

As Christians, we are supposed to be practicing “whole life stewardship.” Time, talents, and treasure are what most of us think of in that regard. But we all possess something else given to us our Creator: our bodies. Are you being a good steward of yours?  Click below to find out.


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