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Panic Podcast – Ecclesiastes, Part 12

It’s hard to believe but we’ve reached the end our study of Ecclesiastes. Solomon covered the gamut of cynicism over 12 chapters but he ends on a up note.

Ecclesiastes isn’t the easiest book of the Bible to study, but it was well worth the effort because, if nothing else, it helps us to focus on God and not on what the world tells us is important. It also shows that there are good and worthwhile pursuits out there, and as long as we remember our Creator, we can enjoy those pursuits.

Ultimately, life is a journey that is best made with our eyes on God and our feet planted firmly on His Word. Thanks for taking this part of the journey with me.


Panic Podcast – Ecclesiastes, Part 11

If you’re on old fogey like me, you might find some of Solomon’s advice a little hard to take!


Panic Podcast – Ecclesiastes, Part 10

Its time for or weekly dose of cynicism!  Prominent in the passage we look at today is Solomon’s advice on how to deal with the king. Hint: He was the king, so you can imagine what his advice consisted of.


Panic Podcast – Ecclesiastes, Part 9

We continue our in-depth look at Ecclesiastes with chapter 9, a remarkable chapter full of profound truth and depressing errors.


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