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Panic Podcast – Ephesians, Part 7

Christmas is almost upon us. It’s funny how it sneaks up on us every year but the date is always the same!

Today I’m wrapping up a survey of Paul’s letter to the Christians in Ephesus.


Panic Podcast – Survey of Ephesians, Part 6

Good Monday morning!  And I hope it is a good morning for you. For many in Kentucky, it isn’t. Please pray for the folks in Kentucky and surrounding states whose lives changed in a moment over the weekend when massive and strong tornadoes ripped through towns and neighborhoods causing major damage and devastation.  And if you can do so, please contribute to good causes that are helping in rebuilding efforts.


Panic Podcast – Survey of Ephesians, Part 4

Welcome back to my place.  I hope you had a great weekend and that you are ready to face a brand new week of challenges and opportunities.  Monday’s are like that, aren’t they?  Full of challenges and opportunities, often testing our faith but always presenting a chance to both grow in the Lord and bless others.

Thus endeth the sermon.  And here is today’s Bible study, chapter 4 of Ephesians.


Panic Podcast – Ephesians, Part 3

Greetings and welcome to Monday!  Do you like a mystery?  Who doesn’t!  On today’s program, I’d discussing the greatest mystery of all.  This mystery was so deep and so profound, it took a divine revelation to be understood.  It’s in Ephesians 3, so that’s our starting point today.


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Another great day!

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