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Panic Podcast – The Gospel in Romans and Galatians

Thanks for coming back to my place for today’s podcast, in which we will be taking a closer look at justification by faith in Romans 4 and Galatians 3.

And to answer the burning question several of you had about yesterday’s video sermon, yes!  That was Mr Pete and Hughie walking around behind me.


Panic Podcast – The Gospel in Romans and Galatians

What makes a person righteous?  Are good deeds of any value to God?  Is faith in Jesus really all you need to be considered a righteous person?  That’s what we’re talking about today. Click to listen.


Panic Podcast: The Gospel in Galatians, Part 5

Good morning, gang. It’s almost the long weekend, but you still have to get through today, so grab your Bibles and turn to Galatians 6.



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Panic Podcast: The Gospel in Galatians, Part 4

Good Friday morning! It’s almost the weekend, can you believe it? We made it through another week; thanks for making mine a little better. Let’s not waste any time, because we’re in the fifth chapter of Galatians, and it’s a powerful chapter. God bless you, and may He change your life with this study.



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