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Panic Podcast – Christ in Hebrews, Part 8

On today’s podcast, we are diving deep into Hebrews 9, to learn about Christ as the Testator. What in the world is that?  Click and you’ll find out!


Panic Podcast – Christ in Hebrews, Part 6

Hebrews chapter 7 is an significant chapter in the letter because it compares and contrasts three systems of priesthoods to show the superiority of the priesthood of Christ.


Panic Podcast – Christ in Hebrews, Part 4

Christ is our Great High Priest and we ourselves are priests before God. You know these things, but do know what they really mean?  We’ll talk about this and about the need for the discernment the only our Great High Priest can gives us on the big podcast today.


Panic Podcast – Christ in Hebrews, Part 3

We’ve reached a little milestone here at my place. This is officially our 1900th post!  Thanks for being a part of our world wide Bible study group.

We are studying the idea of God’s rest today, and it’s found in Hebrews 4.


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