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Panic Podcast – Christ in Hebrews, Part 3

We’ve reached a little milestone here at my place. This is officially our 1900th post!  Thanks for being a part of our world wide Bible study group.

We are studying the idea of God’s rest today, and it’s found in Hebrews 4.


Panic Podcast – Christ in Hebrews, Part 1

Today we begin our summer Bible Study of the Letter to the Hebrews. This letter in the New Testament is chock full of doctrine and theology yet it goes neglected by both preachers and laymen. So, hopefully, by the end of this summer you will greater appreciation for Hebrews and a deeper understanding it.


Panic Podcast: Hebrews, Part 4

Good Monday morning, saints! It’s good to be back for another week of Bible study. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy our studies together. I know you’re there, where you are, and I know we are growing in the faith together even though we are separated by both time and space. Won’t it be great when, one day in the future, we’ll be in God’s presence, at the same time in the same place?

Until then, grab your Bibles and open them up to the tenth chapter of the Letter to the Hebrews and we’ll get started. May God open your minds and your hearts to the truth of His Word today.


Panic Podcast: Survey of Hebrews, Part 1

Top of the morning to you all! Happy Monday as we begin a brand new week and a brand new series in the Letter to the Hebrews. Instead of looking at this New Testament book chapter-by-chapter, I thought we’d examine it theme- by-theme or idea-by-idea. Let’s get started!


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