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Panic Podcast – Revelation, Joel

Good day, folks!  By now you noticed the little devotional we posted earlier this morning. Click on it and let me know if these three minute devotionals are interesting or encouraging to you. We’re just experimenting with them right now.  Whether or not we keep doing them will depend on you.

And here’s the next installment of The Everything Bible StudyStudy for your edification.


Panic Podcast: The Story of the New Testament, Conclusion

Here it is, Friday.  It’s the end of another wonderful week, and the end of another Bible study series.  As we wrap up The Story of the New Testament, we’ll take a really quick survey of the Book of Revelation, mostly in terms of the glorious Second Advent of Christ.

Next week, and for the foreseeable future, there will be TWO podcasts a week, one on Monday and one on Friday.  In the spring, we’ll back to three a week.  I’ll be a tad busier as our church gears up for the spring and summer activities, and I don’t want to short change it or you.  So do bear with me.

In the meantime, crack open those Bibles, pour yourselves a brew (as they say in Australia) and let’s study the Word together!


Video Sermon: 15 November

It’s the Lord’s Day and so it’s time for another video sermon. Today, we conclude our sermon series, What Are the Waves Saying, by looking at some exciting verses found in Revelation 21. Click HERE to learn about the Eternal State, the new heaven and the new earth, and that day when the seas will be no more.

And if you’re feeling generous, make use of our SECURE GIVING PAGE to support the work of our church.

God bless you as we study His Word together.

Panic Podcast: Christ in the Revelation, Part 6

Hey gang!  Good morning!  It’s the first podcast of the fall and the last in our brief series, Christ in the Revelation.  We’ll start a brand new series on Friday, but for now, let’s take a look at how Christ appears at the very end of the Revelation.

What does today look like where you are?  Around my neck of the woods, everything is still pretty much green, although some leaves are starting to die.

Oh well.  Fall is like a metaphor for life, isn’t it?  Enough of philosophizing…let’s get into the Word.  As always, I pray God will open your eyes to His exciting – and life changing – Word.  God bless you as we study the end of the Revelation together.


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