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Panic Podcast: The Everything Bible Study, Part 1

Good Monday!  I’m sorry to tell you that as you are reading this, my wife and I are enjoying a brilliant sunrise, warm temperatures, and the sound of the surf.

Have you ever wanted to know everything about every book of the Bible?  How about knowing where all Biblical doctrines are located?  Over the coming months, you will!   The Everything Bible Study will give you all the vital information and statistics you need to talk about any and every book of the Bible in an intelligent and informed way.  Today, we start with (1) a foundational doctrine, and (2) two of Paul’s letters.  Enjoy and God bless you.


Panic Podcast: Why We Need the Bible, Part 1

Hey gang! You made through another week! In 2020, that can be considered a real accomplishment. From lock-downs to looting, it’s been quite a year. If ever we need the Word of God, it’s now.

Today, a new series begins, Why We Need the Bible. I’ll be discussing the authority of Scriptures, so grab your copy of Holy Writ and your morning coffee and we’ll get started.


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Another great day!

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