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Panic Podcast – Prayer and Our Great Salvation

One of the under appreciated aspects of our great salvation is prayer. How prayer helps us to grow closer to the Lord and just what prayer does for us in terms of our great salvation are some of the things I discuss on today’s program.


Panic Podcast – Nehemiah’s Great Prayer

It’s another gorgeous summer day here at Mike’s Place. Today, I wanted to look at Nehemiah’s great prayer, but I ended up talking about two of his prayers.  One prayer was very long and involved both praying to God and fasting, while the others prayer was literally a mere second or two long.  Both prayers, however, were powerful and effective.


Panic Podcast: Interesting Women in the Bible – Hannah, Part 2

On this oppressively humid Friday, welcome here!  How long to remember a prayer you prayed?  Do you forget about your prayers not long after you’ve said “amen?” How will you recognize God’s answer to a prayer you’ve forgotten about?  We’ll talk about those things and more on today’s podcast, so what are you waiting for?  Click it and start!


Panic Podcast: Interesting Women in the Bible – Hannah, Part 1

Well, today was my first podcast from my deck and, of course, my dogs, Mr Pete and Hughie, just had to go crazy and make fools of us all.  Oh well…  Today, I wanted to focus on a prayer prayed by a most remarkable woman and mother from the Old Testament, Hannah.  We’re in 1 Samuel, so open your Bibles up and follow along, dogs not withstanding.


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