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Video Sermon: 8 November

This is the day the Lord has made!  And I’m glad you’re spending a little time with me on this beautiful Lord’s Day morning.  We’ll be studying a handful of verses in Isaiah 43, so crack open those Bibles and click HERE to watch the sermon.

If you would like to contribute to our church, please feel free to do so using our virtual offering plate.  Don’t feel like you have to, please.  Everything you find here on Mike’s Place is free for you to use and enjoy.



Video Sermon: 18 October

Good morning my friends. Thanks for dropping by today. On today’s VIDEO SERMON we’re looking at God’s amazing forgiveness, so open up those Bibles to the book of Micah.

If you have mind to give, click HERE to access our church’s secure giving page.

Panic Podcast: 11 October

It’s Sunday, so it must be time for another video sermon!  It’s our pleasure to bring these teachings to you each week, and our prayer is that the Lord speaks to you through the Word and that He meets whatever need is on your heart. If you have a prayer request, feel free to let us know through the comments form.

Click HERE to watch today’s sermon, and if you’d like to use our virtual offering plate to make a donation to the church, feel free with our thanks.

Thanks also to our friend Constance who alerted me to the fact the we resume Standard Time on November 1st. As usual, I got the date wrong again this year. It would sure be nice if out government righted the horrible wrong it created with daylight savings time.


Video Sermon: 27 September

Hey!  Good morning!  Thanks for stopping by my place on this Lord’s Day. Today, we begin a brand new sermon series for the Fall, What Are the Waves Saying?  Just click HERE to watch “The Roaring Sea.”  As always, we pray that God will minister to whatever your needs may be as we study His Word together. If you would like us to pray for a specific need, feel free to mention it in the comments section.


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